creating a chart #2

Hello, I'm trying to create a chart that will mimic the candlestick chart but 
it does not use a timeline. Instead of displaying the timeline along the 
X-axis, it will show the thickness of the sheet.

Sample data available as follow :

1st data set:
Thickness: 0.010
Min: 10
Max: 15

2nd data set:
Thickness: 0.013
Min: 10
Max: 25

3rd data set:
Thickness: 0.025
Min: 15
Max: 35

The chart will display the "Thickness" along the X-axis and the "Soak Range" 
(Min and Max) along the Y-axis.

Microsoft Excel require several variable to create a stock chart, namely:

Open, High, Low, & Close

I have tried to mimic the candlestick chart by making the Y-axis (Soak range):

Both "Open" and "Low" have the same value as "Min"
Both "High" and "Close" have the same value as "Max"

I was successful in my attempt for the "Soak Range" but the Thickness value 
shown along the X-axis is incorrect. It will display the number "1" "2" "3" 
instead of "0.010" "0.013" "0.025".

How can I correct this? I'm using MS Excel 2002.


Devin (29)
4/27/2005 11:50:01 PM
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