Control charting #2

How did I build a true control chart that has the mean in the middle, the
control limits; mean +-2(stdev) and mean               +-3(stdev), see
below.  I have attempted to use both scatter and line charts and then
manipulate the axis, but that only works for the X and Y axis and does not
give me the mean line or control limits on the right.  Ideas? I'm sure that
I'm making this more difficult than I need....

Mean  21.7

Day # treated
1    25
2    19
3    17
4    15
5    20
6    24
7    30
8    19
9    16
10   23

- Jeff

1/26/2005 6:10:42 AM
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Take a look at Jon's example.


JRH wrote:
> How did I build a true control chart that has the mean in the middle, the
> control limits; mean +-2(stdev) and mean               +-3(stdev), see
> below.  I have attempted to use both scatter and line charts and then
> manipulate the axis, but that only works for the X and Y axis and does not
> give me the mean line or control limits on the right.  Ideas? I'm sure that
> I'm making this more difficult than I need....
> mean+2(stdv)30.1
> mean-2(stdv)13.3
> Mean  21.7
> mean+3(stdv)34.3
> mean-3(stdv)9.1
> Day # treated
> 1    25
> 2    19
> 3    17
> 4    15
> 5    20
> 6    24
> 7    30
> 8    19
> 9    16
> 10   23
> Thanks
> - Jeff


Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel
andy9699 (3616)
1/26/2005 9:14:10 AM

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