Combination charting with two axis

I would like to create a combination chart with three chart types:
1. line chart to show month to month accum total growth for the year.
2. a single bar for each month showing the target.
3. a stacked bar for each month showing two actual total comprise of two 
I can not figure how to combine the bars and obtain one stacked bar and one 
single bar.  The bars are either all stacked or all single.
JB (195)
4/22/2008 4:56:02 PM
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You have to fake the clustered-stacked appearance through careful staggering 
of the data:

Then copy the range for the "line", select the chart, and use Paste Special 
to add the series as an XY series, with a subtype of lines and markers. 
You'll probably have to fudge with the X values and the secondary axes to 
make the markers appear where you want them.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
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"JB" <> wrote in message
>I would like to create a combination chart with three chart types:
> 1. line chart to show month to month accum total growth for the year.
> 2. a single bar for each month showing the target.
> 3. a stacked bar for each month showing two actual total comprise of two
> sub-groups.
> I can not figure how to combine the bars and obtain one stacked bar and 
> one
> single bar.  The bars are either all stacked or all single. 

jonxlmvpNO (4558)
4/22/2008 5:26:09 PM

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