Cluttered labels on refresh

I have a pie chart that gets its info from a pivot table. 
My problem is every time I refresh the pivot table all of 
the labels for the pie slices get s cluttered up and you 
can't read them.  So I then have to manually go and 
separate each label. Is there a way for it automatically 
spread them out.


jsmyth (4)
10/10/2003 3:27:49 PM
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Chance -

Microsoft admits that pivot charts have a problem losing their 
formatting when you refresh the pivot tables.

XL2000: Changing a PivotChart Removes Series Formatting (215904)

They recommend that you record a macro while fixing your chart, then 
rerun the macro whenever you refresh the chart.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP

Chance wrote:
> I have a pie chart that gets its info from a pivot table. 
> My problem is every time I refresh the pivot table all of 
> the labels for the pie slices get s cluttered up and you 
> can't read them.  So I then have to manually go and 
> separate each label. Is there a way for it automatically 
> spread them out.
> Thanks,
> Chance

10/10/2003 5:52:03 PM

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