Cluster AND Stacked Bar chart

Hi All:

I'm curious whether I can create a combination cluster AND stacked bar 
chart.  I have a group of students I'm tracking out over a number of 
semesters.  As semesters progress, I'd like to indicate the number that 
engage in a certain beahvior (stacked bars).  I'm tracking four different 
cohorts.  Ideally I'd like to lay the cohorts side-by-side.  Furthmore, I'd 
like to display differences within each cohort by gender, ethnicity, age, and 
disability (cluster bars).  By way of example, un my mind's eye I'd have a 
chart for gender that would group four male student cohorts and female 
student cohorts and within each cohort (i.e., horizontal bar) create a 
stacked bar that displayed semester-by-semester participation for each 
cohort/population.  If I'm seeing it correctly, I'd be able to easily compare 
changes across time within group (e.g., male students) or display differences 
between groups (e.g., male v. female students in the first cohort, in the 
second cohort, etc.).  Does this make sense or am I completely off my rocker? 
 Can it even be done?  If so, how?

Thanks in advance, your help is very much appreciated!

Fillpot (1)
12/13/2007 11:10:03 PM
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On Thu, 13 Dec 2007, in microsoft.public.excel.charting,
Jim Fillpot <Jim@Fillpot.?> said:

>I'm curious whether I can create a combination cluster AND stacked bar

You can, but it's an exercise in lateral thinking: what does a "stacked" 
bar look like when only one of the ranges has any value? Answer, it 
looks just like a single cluster bar.

What does the stacked bar where every series except the "cluster" series 
has a value look like? Answer, one that isn't the cluster bar.

What does a stack where *no* series has a value look like? Answer, a gap 
between clusters. These three techniques together should let you build 
exactly the look you want.

(for a bonus, what does a "stacked" bar where one or other series has a 
value, but never both, look like? Answer, a bar that changes color 
according to a formula, that is, a conditionally-formatted bar)

Del Cotter
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del1907 (586)
12/13/2007 11:44:28 PM

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