Chart Animated Sine Wave

J-walk's excel 2000 vba book comes with an animation file that uses
interations to produce a fluccuating sine wave.  Why is it that if I
copy the exact same sheet to a new workbook and copy the associated
macro to that new workbook, the animation does not work properly.  If
you have not seen this (or the book) and need more details, let me

I am trying to understand this better and it thoroughly confused me.  I
can have both workbooks open (j-walks and the new book) with access to
his macro and the one I duplicated from his.  Using the new workbook I
cannot get either macro to animate the graph.  Using his workbook, I
can get both macros to animate it.

I have tried turning on iterations, but that did not make a difference.
When I run the macros it recalculates all of the chart source data, but
the chart does not change.

What am i doing wrong??

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8/5/2005 8:59:25 PM
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I have narrowed the problem down, I think.  I created a new chart righ
next to the chart that animates.  I made both charts the same type, bu
still only the original chart is dynamic with the data.  The newl
created chart references the same data and changes if the data i
changed manually, BUT it does not change when the macro changes dat
rapidly.  I must be missing a chart setting or refresh rate.  An
ideas??  Both of these charts are in the same sheet.  One works t
animate and the other does not

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8/5/2005 9:35:50 PM

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