Category Axis Lables

I work with Excel a lot and I often get request to "Bold 1 or 2 lables on the Category Axis" of a graph...I'm unable to

customize a formula, so I just ended up floating the Bolded Text which I despised. IS THERE A TO DO THIS WITHOUT FLOATING THE TEXT

Thank You
anonymous (74722)
5/8/2004 8:01:02 PM
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You can construct an alternative axis, using a technique like this:

You can individually select and format the data labels that make up the 
custom axis labels. One single click selects all the labels, the next 
single click selects one of the labels. With one selected, and 
formatting you apply is picked up only by the selected one.

Another trick: Rob Bovey's Chart Labeler, which is used in the example 
to apply these labels to the chart, picks up the formatting of the 
cells. So you could format the cell with the label's text, and the label 
in the chart will use that formatting.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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Naru70 wrote:

> I work with Excel a lot and I often get request to "Bold 1 or 2
> lables on the Category Axis" of a graph...I'm unable to
> customize a formula, so I just ended up floating the Bolded Text
> Thank You

DOjonNOT (619)
5/8/2004 10:22:45 PM

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