Basic chart question

Column A contains dates
Column B contains the salesman's name
Column C contains the gross sales for the day

I'm trying to determine if it's true that when a certain salesman is on duty 
the gross sales increase and when he's absent they decrease.

So column B either contains his name or is empty (if he was not working that 

I have no experience with charts, so any help at all will be most 


cascando (6)
11/3/2004 10:33:33 PM
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If it were me, I'd probably look at the data with a Pivot Table and review
the average gross sales by salesman.    Here is a link to info on Pivot

If someone else can assist with other info, have at it.

"fitful_thought" <> wrote in message
> Column A contains dates
> Column B contains the salesman's name
> Column C contains the gross sales for the day
> I'm trying to determine if it's true that when a certain salesman is on
> the gross sales increase and when he's absent they decrease.
> So column B either contains his name or is empty (if he was not working
> day).
> I have no experience with charts, so any help at all will be most
> appreciated.
> rgds,
> DL

breinhardt (272)
11/4/2004 8:01:59 PM

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