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I'm trying to create a graph similar to the bar graph shown in the middle of 
the dashboard in the link below labeled as "YTD % of target", but don't know 
how to get the overlapping bars in excel.  Can anyone advise?


5/11/2010 2:59:01 PM
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Here's one way to do it...

Add the YTD % series to your bar graph, and then format the series so that 
it is on the secondary axis. XL will probably create a secondary X-axis, but 
that will cause a distortion of the data. We need them to be plotted on the 
same x-axis. Right click on chart, chart options. Under "Axes", turn on the 
secondary y-axis, turn off the secondary x-axis, ok out. Format the 
secondary y-axis to have no tick marks, no labels.

Now, format the series, options, increase the gap width so that the width of 
this bar is smaller than the background bars.

Best Regards,

Luke M
"Nelson B." <> wrote in message
> I'm trying to create a graph similar to the bar graph shown in the middle 
> of
> the dashboard in the link below labeled as "YTD % of target", but don't 
> know
> how to get the overlapping bars in excel.  Can anyone advise?
> Thanks!

5/11/2010 4:40:04 PM
Those are "Bullet" charts, presumably generated by the same package that 
created the sparklines elsewhere in the report.

- Jon
Jon Peltier
Peltier Technical Services, Inc.

On 5/11/2010 10:59 AM, Nelson B. wrote:
> I'm trying to create a graph similar to the bar graph shown in the middle of
> the dashboard in the link below labeled as "YTD % of target", but don't know
> how to get the overlapping bars in excel.  Can anyone advise?
> Thanks!
5/11/2010 4:47:27 PM

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