Adding a new data series to an existing chart

I have a stacked bar chart that shows monthly sales by customer type.  I want to add an additional data series to show the monthly forecast, to be displayed as a point or line against the existing stacked-bar data.  Any ideas?  
11/13/2003 7:36:20 PM
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Select the data you want to plot.  Drag onto the chart.  XL will pop up 
with a dialog box asking for some information.  Provide it and you will 
be all set.


Tushar Mehta
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In article <>, says...
> I have a stacked bar chart that shows monthly sales by customer type.  I want to add an additional data series to show the monthly forecast, to be displayed as a point or line against the existing stacked-bar data.  Any ideas?  
11/15/2003 12:23:31 AM
Well, the new data is likely to be added by Excel as another stack. 
Right click on the new stack, choose Chart Type, and select a Line type 
for the series.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP

Tushar Mehta wrote:
> Select the data you want to plot.  Drag onto the chart.  XL will pop up 
> with a dialog box asking for some information.  Provide it and you will 
> be all set.

11/15/2003 3:15:38 AM

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