XSD, complexTypes, SQLXML bulk load: What am I missing?

Hello Techies--

I am reading an XML document with many nested elements. Many of these
elements go to such a variety of tables, that I am trying to simply
the read of the document by dumping the data into a single table using
SQLXML/BulkXMLLoad.  I have triggers set on an insert of this table to
cascade inserts to the appropriate myriad of other tables. Originally
I tried to use simpleType, then I tried to use: complexType,
mixed="true" when setting up the schema, but received errors from
SQLXML stating that mixed type cannot be used. The bottom line: For
every level of sequenced elements, I am writing a new row to the same
table.  What I want is a single row going to a single table--with all
the complex elements in place.  I am sure that I am missing something
important regarding single tables/complexTypes and sequences.  Please
review the XML output that I'm reading and the schema snippet with
it-- in order to give me some direction--as I've reached an impasse.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Paula DiTallo

------------------- Snippet of XML output --------------------------


-------------------- Snippet of XSD Schema

<xsd:element name="X12_4010_837" sql:relation="zzz_HoldingTIPS_837" >
        <xsd:element name="X12_EnvelopeHeader"
              <xsd:element name="ISA_InterchangeControlHeader"
        			sql:relationship="Dump837Elements" >
name="ISA01__AuthorizationInformationQualifier" type="xsd:string" />
					<xsd:element name="ISA02__AuthorizationInformation"
		type="xsd:string" />

------------------------end of snippet-------------------------
plditallo (1)
8/29/2003 8:24:11 PM
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