XPath problem #3

Hi all,

How come the following XPath expression doesn't return any nodes?


Here's how it's called on the document root node:

XmlNodeList list = m_xmlDoc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes(sXPathExpression);
Here's the XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Deal BPApplication="WCC"
ApplicantType=""><FirtName /><MiddleName /><LastName /><SSN
/><Adress><Street /><City /><State /><Zip /><Country
/></Adress><ContactInfo><PrimaryHomePhone /><SecondaryHomePhone
/><PrimaryWorkPhone /><SecondaryWorkPhone /><MobilPhone /><FaxPhone
ignerInfo><CosignerInfo ApplicantType=""><FirtName /><MiddleName /><LastName
/><SSN /><Adress><Street /><City /><State /><Zip /><Country
/></Adress><ContactInfo><PrimaryHomePhone /><SecondaryHomePhone
/><PrimaryWorkPhone /><SecondaryWorkPhone /><MobilPhone /><FaxPhone
alse</AmtFinOK><Hint /></DealParameters></Deal>

Thanks a lot!



Sorry, I think outlook express messed up the xml when pasted.

none2289 (5)
12/29/2004 12:32:34 AM
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gonzalez wrote:

> How come the following XPath expression doesn't return any nodes?
> descendant::*[node()=SignerInfo]

That's sort of weird expression, but it should work though. What do you 
want to select actually? If you want to select an element which has 
SignerInfo child, use descendant::*[SignerInfo], if you want to select 
SignerInfo element at any level, use descendant::SignerInfo.

Oleg Tkachenko [XML MVP]
12/29/2004 10:26:37 AM
Thanks for your response Oleg,

I know the expression can be specified in a simpler way,  but the problem I
have is that even  the
expressions you suggested don't work with XPath on .net 1.1 and the _xml
document that I included_.

If I use the same code against a different xml document (i.e. one formatted
like an XmlDataDocument)
then those expressions work.  So I was wondering if there is a
problem/limitation with .net 1.1 XPath support?


"Oleg Tkachenko [MVP]" <oleg@NO!SPAM!PLEASEtkachenko.com> wrote in message
> gonzalez wrote:
> > How come the following XPath expression doesn't return any nodes?
> >
> > descendant::*[node()=SignerInfo]
> That's sort of weird expression, but it should work though. What do you
> want to select actually? If you want to select an element which has
> SignerInfo child, use descendant::*[SignerInfo], if you want to select
> SignerInfo element at any level, use descendant::SignerInfo.
> -- 
> Oleg Tkachenko [XML MVP]
> http://blog.tkachenko.com

none2289 (5)
12/30/2004 6:51:03 PM

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