XmlReader Question


I have a large unformatted document which needs to processed and
populated into DB.

For this, I was using an XMLTextReader to get valid IDs, and then doing
something like this:

 newRdr = xRdr.ReadSubtree();
                while (newRdr.Read())
                    if (newRdr.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Element)
                        switch (newRdr.LocalName)
                            case "A":
                            case "Y":
                            case "Z":                                
OutputXml.Append(newRdr.ReadOuterXml() + Environment.NewLine);

OutputXml is a stringbuilder which will get passed to DB.
This worked fine.

Now I need to do additional validation on the subtree and write passed
and failed subtrees to different locations.
I tried having 2 separate XMLReader, one getting the data from the nodes
and another for actually writing the outputs based on pass/fail, but the
second reader is also at the EndElement and hence empty.

newRdr = xRdr.ReadSubtree();
                validationRdr = newRdr;//xRdr.ReadSubtree();

                while (validationRdr.Read())
                    Data = validationRdr.ReadOuterXml();
                 Val1 = Data.Substring(...
                    Val2= DateTime.Parse(Data.Substring(....

if Val1> 0 && Val2> 0)
                            while (newRdr.Read())
                                if (newRdr.NodeType ==
//same switch statemtn

So it basically never hits the NodeType = Element line above.

Hope I have explained the problem clearly.

How do I validate and then read the data anyways?

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12/9/2009 10:41:24 AM
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Ben wrote:

> So it basically never hits the NodeType = Element line above.
> Hope I have explained the problem clearly.
> How do I validate and then read the data anyways?

XmlReader works forwards only so you can't use it alone, you will need 
to store some of the XML.
Ways to do that are the ReadNode method of System.Xml.XmlDocument
or (in .NET 3.5) the ReadFrom method of XNode:

That way you could read the nodes that interest you into a tree 
structure, validate them and then save them (respectively their 
OuterXml) as needed.


	Martin Honnen --- MVP XML
12/9/2009 1:25:46 PM

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