Useful XML .net classes

These are two small classes I created that I use a lot. Between them
you can access an XML file almost anywhere.

An XmlUrlResolver for files in a zip file

In the java world a file you can pass a filename of
"!MyData.xml" and it then handles the MyData.xml file
as the xml file to read. The attached file here does the same thing on
the .NET side by providing a XmlUrlResolver derived class to handle
this case.

This code was about 95% the code from where I cleaned it up a little and
fixed a couple of subtle bugs.

Just use this class instead of XmlUrlResolver. You can use it for all
cases because it calls XmlUrlResolver if the url does not start with
zip: or jar:. Hopefully Microsoft will just add this in to
XmlUrlResolver in the future.

Opening an XML file that requires a username & password

So you need to open an XML file in .NET and it has a username &
password. So piece of cake, you just use XmlUrlResolver.Credentials
except... that only works if it's an http or ftp url that requires a
username & password.

But what if it's a share on a network drive that requires a username &
password to access the file? That gets complicated. Is your app
running on a workgroup login or a domain login? Is the file one a
workgroup or domain? Is it the same domain? Are the required
credentials a user on that machine or a domain user? Or are the
permissions a domain group which requires a domain user set of

Each of those combinations requires a different way of accessing the
file. And a couple of combinations are impossible to access, even
though "net use" can do it. This is definitely a place where I think
Microsoft decided it was too hard to do and so gave up.

And if you find ways to implement some of the remaining (very rare)
combinations, please post a comment.

Source code at
Windward Reports --
me --

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