Learning XPath Query Language Resource Material/Books/White Papers

I am a total beginner to XPath and using Native .NET XML Classes (although I
have used XML with Datasets before). I have "XML for ASP.NET Developers"
which seems like a good .Net XML overview book but would like to learn more
about writing XPath Queries.

What do I need to learn the XPath Language?



earlt777 (9)
7/24/2003 4:23:51 PM
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"Earl Teigrob" <earlt777@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> I am a total beginner to XPath and using Native .NET XML Classes (although
> have used XML with Datasets before). I have "XML for ASP.NET Developers"
> which seems like a good .Net XML overview book but would like to learn
> about writing XPath Queries.
> What do I need to learn the XPath Language?
> Thanks
> Earl

dareo (72)
7/24/2003 5:02:42 PM

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