Is there a way to attach a xslt template to a xsltargumentlist? please help!

in C#, I use the following way to do transform, the I assign my extension
object to the xslArg, so in xsl, I can call functions in the extension
object. Now, I want functions in the extension object to call template in
the xsl, this way I can put some customized code into the template. I think
it is reasonable, but I don;t know how to do it, anyone has some idea on
this? Thanks.

xslt.Transform(xmlDoc, xslArg, textHTML, null);

wyx1999 (13)
12/4/2003 5:25:21 AM
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david wrote:

> in C#, I use the following way to do transform, the I assign my extension
> object to the xslArg, so in xsl, I can call functions in the extension
> object. Now, I want functions in the extension object to call template in
> the xsl, this way I can put some customized code into the template. I think
> it is reasonable, but I don;t know how to do it, anyone has some idea on
> this? 
That's impossible. Extension functions are just functions. They are 
called to return a value. Then, basing on that value you can act in a 
customized way.
Oleg Tkachenko
XML Insider

12/4/2003 11:11:27 AM

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