Invoke Web Service using a Client Application

I have a web serivce created that contains several methods that are 
NON-PRIMITIVE types - meaning I cannot test it directly from the browser. So, 
I thought of devloping a client application in .NET that can submit the XML 
request and receive the response. 

I created the application and it works; but the problem is, the user have to 
frame the XML each time as TEXT (build the XML) and then submit it which 
takes a long time. Is there a way that given the web service and the method, 
a windows form  with controls dynamically be created based on the types?. 
These controls will basically form as placeholders so that the user can 
simply type in the required values and submit the XML request?.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated..

3/26/2006 10:55:29 PM
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Ganesh Muthuvelu wrote:

> I have a web serivce created that contains several methods that are 
> NON-PRIMITIVE types - meaning I cannot test it directly from the browser. So, 
> I thought of devloping a client application in .NET that can submit the XML 
> request and receive the response. 
> I created the application and it works; but the problem is, the user have to 
> frame the XML each time as TEXT (build the XML) and then submit it which 
> takes a long time. 

I am not sure why you work with raw XML at all. If you build a web 
service with .NET (or other frameworks to write web services) then it 
exposes its description as a WSDL document and the .NET framework has a 
tool named wsdl.exe so that you can read the WSDL document and 
automatically create the source code of a web service client proxy class 
that exposes methods with .NET types, not with any XML. You can then use 
that client proxy class in your applications to make calls to the web 
service and receive the result, all abstracted away from SOAP but with 
..NET types and objects. Instead of using wsdl.exe as a tool yourself you 
can also simply add a reference to the wsdl file in your Visual Studio 
Of course that does not give you a form to fill in the data, I could 
imagine there are tools for that too but I don't think the .NET 
framework has that built in.


	Martin Honnen --- MVP XML
mahotrash (1777)
3/27/2006 11:28:35 AM

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