Insert / delete ?

Hi, im trying to first insert a node in the xml file and save it.

XmlDocument mDoc = new XmlDocument();

        XmlNode singleNode;
        XmlNode newNode = mDoc.CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Element, "page", "");
        XmlAttribute mAttr = mDoc.CreateAttribute("id");

        singleNode = mDoc.SelectSingleNode("//page[@id=\"" + pageid.Value + 

        if (singleNode == null)
            Response.Write("no node found");

        mAttr.Value = "100";

        mDoc.DocumentElement.InsertAfter(newNode, singleNode);

i do find the node with ID number 3 and can retrive it contents, but i cant 
insert a new node after it.
Here is the xml file:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
     <page name="Test1" id="1">
          <page name="Pagetest1" id="2" src="test1.htm"></page>
          <page name="pagetest3" id="3" src="test2.htm"></page>
     <page name="Test2" id="4" src="test1.htm">
          <page name="Test23" id="7" src="test1.htm">
               <page name="pagetest1" id="10" src="test1.htm"></page>
          <page name="Pagetest1" id="5" src="test1.htm"></page>
          <page name="pagetest2" id="6" src="test1.htm"></page>

The error message i am getting is:
Exception Details: System.ArgumentException: The reference node is not a 
child of this node.

Source Error:

Line 67: newNode.Attributes.Append(mAttr);

Line 68:

            Line 69: mDoc.DocumentElement.InsertAfter(newNode, singleNode);

Second question is, how do i delete a node ex. the node with ID nr 3?  what 
will happen if i delete node with id number 7?


floods (4)
6/28/2006 11:31:47 AM
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Patrick wrote:

>         singleNode = mDoc.SelectSingleNode("//page[@id=\"" + pageid.Value + 
> "\"]");
>         if (singleNode == null)
>         {
>             Response.Write("no node found");
>             return;
>         }
>         mAttr.Value = "100";
>         newNode.Attributes.Append(mAttr);
>         mDoc.DocumentElement.InsertAfter(newNode, singleNode);

   singleNode.ParentNode.InsertAfter(newNode, singleNode);
You always have to call AppendChild or InsertAfter or InsertBefore on 
the new parent node where you want to append or insert the new child.


	Martin Honnen --- MVP XML
mahotrash (1777)
6/28/2006 12:04:53 PM

Patrick wrote:

> Second question is, how do i delete a node ex. the node with ID nr 3?  what 
> will happen if i delete node with id number 7?

Select the node using some DOM or XPath approach (e.g. SelectSingleNode) 
then do


	Martin Honnen --- MVP XML
mahotrash (1777)
6/28/2006 12:06:20 PM

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