Infreqent error posting SOAP message ( 0x800A1518 )

I am getting occasional errors when invoking calls on the 
low level API of the SOAP library (3.0 Toolkit).  

The HRESULT code is always 0x800A1518.  
The _com_error Description is "Connector:Http error while 
parsing server's response. HRESULT=0x800A1526 - 
Connector:Unspecified HTTP error. HRESULT=0x800A1518".
The _com_error ErrorMessage is "Unknown error 0x800A1518".

The specific method that I am noticing the error on is 
with EndMessage( ) of an HttpConnector30 object.  The 
second or third attempt at repeating just the EndMessage 
method will frequently be successful (waiting a second or 
so between calls).  When the error does occur, the 
response is immediate, so I don't believe it is a timeout 

We are wrapping all of the calls in our own framework, but 
the steps are roughly as follows:

ISoapConnectorPtr Connector;
HRESULT answer = Connector.CreateInstance(__uuidof

Connector->Property["SoapAction"] = "";
_variant_t vConnectionTimeout((long)20000);
Connector->Property["ConnectTimeout"] = vConnectionTimeout;
_variant_t vTimeout((long)40000);
Connector->Property["Timeout"] = vTimeout;
Connector->Property["EndPointURL"] = URL.c_str();

ISoapSerializerPtr Serializer;
IUnknown* pIS = Connector->InputStream
Serializer->Init(_variant_t( (IUnknown*) pIS ) );

ENV:encodingStyle","" ,"
oding/", "");
ENC","" ,"", "");
("xmlns:xsi","" ,"
instance", "");
("xmlns:xsd","" ,"", "");
("xmlns:ns2","" ,"
", "");

aServiceName.c_str(), "NONE", aNameSpace.c_str());



The calls do not require authentication, a proxy is not 
being used, and the connection is not secure.  Any ideas 
on what is happening would helpful.  Thank you.
anonymous (74722)
1/14/2004 11:49:58 PM
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