how do you insert an element into an xml document with namespace


<bac:BACnetDevice APDUTimeout='' ApplicationSoftwareVersion='' 
FirmwareRevision='' InstanceNumber='3744' MaxAPDULengthAccepted='' 
ModelName='' NumberOfAPDURetries='' ProtocolConformanceClass='' 
ProtocolObjectTypesSupported='' ProtocolServicesSupported='' 
ProtocolVersion='' SegmentationSupported='' VendorIdentifier='' VendorName='' 
    <bac:baseAnalogInput EventState='0' InstanceNumber='3745' 
ObjectName='Test_AI' ObjectType='0' OutOfService='0' PresentValue='' 
StatusFlags='0' Units='95'>
      <Description />
      <BackwardReferences />
      <GeneralProperties Attr='0' InstanceNumber='3745' IsConfigured='0' 
ObjectName='Test_AI' ObjectType='0' SchemaVer='1.4' TraceOptions=''>
        <Description />
      <bac:ObjectIdentifier InstanceNumber='3745' ObjectType='0' />
    <bac:baseAnalogOutput EventState='0' InstanceNumber='3746' 
ObjectName='Test_AO' ObjectType='1' OutOfService='0' PresentValue='' 
PriorityArray='' RelinquishDefault='' StatusFlags='0' Units='95'>
      <Description />
      <BackwardReferences />
      <GeneralProperties Attr='0' InstanceNumber='3746' IsConfigured='0' 
ObjectName='Test_AO' ObjectType='1' SchemaVer='1.4' TraceOptions=''>
        <Description />
      <bac:ObjectIdentifier InstanceNumber='3746' ObjectType='1' />
  <GeneralProperties Attr='1' InstanceNumber='3744' IsConfigured='0' 
ObjectName='Building_1' ObjectType='8' SchemaVer='1.4' TraceOptions='0'>
    <Description />
  <bac:ObjectIdentifier InstanceNumber='3744' ObjectType='8' />

i need to insert another <bac:baseAnalogOutput></bac:baseAnalogOutput> 
element into this xml document between <bac:BACnetPoints> and 
</bac:BACnetPoints> i know how to do it with regular xml element but how does 
it work with namespace perfix? i use with .Net DOM. any example is 
much appericated.

thank you

dotnetnoob (31)
7/18/2006 9:37:02 PM
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