Get Enroll in New Session of C Sharp 3.5 & ASP .NET 3.5 Training

EVS Professional Training Institute
Certified .Net Specialist

Free Seminar on Friday October 22, 2010 at 08:00 PM in Lahore
& on Saturday October 23, 2010 at 04:00 PM in Rawalpindi

..NET is Microsoft=92s latest platform for developing and supporting
modern software applications. This course is designed to provide you
necessary knowledge and required skills to develop software
applications using VB.NET, C# .NET & ASP.NET. Participants of the
course will learn to develop n-tier object-oriented software
applications using .Net 3.5 & Visual Studio 2008. It includes
development of presentation layer using WinForms & ASP.NET WebForms,
business layer using OOP in VB .NET/C#, DAL using ADO.NET & LINQ and
database in SQL Server 2008.

After this course student will be able to:
=95	Rapidly develop robust and scalable enterprise level Window Forms
and Web applications using VB .NET / C# .NET & ASP .NET
=95	Understand & apply object-oriented concepts like encapsulation,
abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism and composition
=95	Comprehend & use advance language features e.g. Events, Delegates,
Exceptions & Generics
=95	Understand & use IO Streams, Collections, Serializations &
Reflection for effective .NET programming
=95	Exploit new C# / VB .NET features like Lambda expression, extension
methods & LINQ
=95	Process XML documents and schemas with .NET class libraries
=95	Design custom controls for Windows & Web applications
=95	Build n-tier application by implementing user interface, business
logic, data access & data layers
=95	Create consistent web interface with Master-Pages, Themes & Skins
=95	Effectively use AJAX in developing web application
=95	Design effective windows & web reports using Crystal Reports
=95	Employ the .NET Framework to create sophisticated global
=95	Configure & Secure windows & web applications using .NET Framework
=95	Package & deploy Window Forms and ASP .NET Web Applications
Course Schedule & Duration
107th Batch in Lahore
Duration	4 Months
Frequency	3 Sessions a week
Start Date	October 26, 2010
Class Schedule
Tuesday	08:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Thursday	08:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Friday	08:00 PM to 10:00 PM
108th Batch in Rawalpindi / Islamabad
Duration	4 Months
Frequency	3 Sessions a week
Start Date	October 30, 2010
Class Schedule
Saturday	04:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Sunday	10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Sunday	12:00 PM to 02:00 PM

=95	Overview of Microsoft .NET Platform
=95	Fundamentals of VB .NET / C# Language
=95	Developing Windows Interface using Windows Forms
=95	Object Oriented Class Libraries Development
=95	Exceptions, Instrumentation, Events & Delegates
=95	Collections, Generics &LAMBDA Expression
=95	IO Streams, Serialization, Reflection
=95	Graphics (GDI+), Printing & Streams
=95	Designing & Using Custom Windows Controls
=95	Database Application Development using ADO .NET
=95	Language Integrated Query(LINQ)
=95	n-Tier Application Development
=95	Deployment of Windows Application
=95	Essentials of XML, XML Schema, XPath & XSLT
=95	XML Programming in .NET
=95	Essentials of ASP .NET Web Applications
=95	Master Pages, Web Forms & ASP .NET Controls
=95	ADO .NET & Data Bound Controls in ASP .NET
=95	Input Validation, Site Navigation & Personalization
=95	Asynchronous Java Script & XML ( AJAX )
=95	Creating ASP .NET Controls & Web Parts
=95	ASP .NET State Management
=95	Component Based ASP .NET Web Applications
=95	Configuration of ASP .NET Web Applications
=95	Crystal Reports in Windows & Web Applications
=95	Performance tuning & Deployment of Web Application
=95	Assemblies & Configuration of Windows & Web Applications
=95	Interoperation, Windows Services & Multithreading
=95	Implementing Security in .NET Applications
=95	Globalization & Localization of .Net Application
	Training Methodology
=95	Lectures & Demos by industry experts
=95	Project Driven Hands-On approach
=95	Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices
=95	Projects, assignments & quizzes for student=92s evaluation
A commercial level n-tier Windows or Web Application using VB .NET/
C# .NET, ADO .NET/LINQ and ASP .NET. The project should be implemented
using best practices of the object oriented software application

=95	Programmers, Team Leads, Analysts etc.
=95	IT/Computer Science graduates
=95	Any other person having good understanding of programming
=95	EVS Certified .Net Specialist
=95	MCTS:Windows Forms Applications & ASP .NET Web Applications
=95	MCPDWindows Forms Applications & ASP .NET Web Applications

For further details contact

Lahore Branch

Call:  042-111-685-822 or 300-4102039
Walk: 349 Ferozepure Road, M-Block Gulberg, Lahore
Rawalpindi/ Islamabad Branch

Call:  051-111-685-822 or 300-4102039
Walk: 92, 6th Road Block A, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

10/17/2010 3:41:20 PM
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