Fast XML Document Parsing?

I currently parse an xml document using the XmlTestReader class. The
xml doc contains several records, each of which contains about 10
elements. I then convert each element in a record into its equivalent
C# data type (e.g. for float values, I use float.Parse(elementVal) )

I then perform calculations using each of these converted values
before overwriting the values when the next xml record is parsed.

Is this the best technique?

shearne (4)
7/6/2004 9:30:58 PM
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Depends how many of the values you convert and how many times you update
each instance in memory.  If the document stays loaded for a long time and
you update all the values many times, then it would be better to convert the
XML to an object graph so that you do the conversion once at serialization
time.  If you only update a few values then stream the document back out
then the XmlTextReader/XmlTextWriter is the most efficient.

"Sean Hearne" <> wrote in message
> I currently parse an xml document using the XmlTestReader class. The
> xml doc contains several records, each of which contains about 10
> elements. I then convert each element in a record into its equivalent
> C# data type (e.g. for float values, I use float.Parse(elementVal) )
> I then perform calculations using each of these converted values
> before overwriting the values when the next xml record is parsed.
> Is this the best technique?
> <rec>
>    <val1>
>    <val2>
>    <val3>
> </rec>
> <rec>
>    <val1>
>    <val2>
>    <val3>
> </rec>

clovett1 (13)
7/7/2004 12:17:49 AM

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