Dotnet Lead Engineers opening in Pune


We are Bangalore based leading HR consulting company retained by top
IT companies like SAP Labs, TCS, i-Gate, AztecSoft, GE, Symphony
Services, HCL to hunt talent.

Excellent opening for Lead Engineers at AT CMM Level-5 & Largest IT
Company for their Pune ODC.

Mandatory Skills:
1) ASP.Net
2) C#
3) SQL Programming
4) Must have strong experience on ASP/VB script and good exposure to
5) Should have min two years experience in Classic ASP/VB script and
min one year experience on ASP.NET
6) Should be willing to work on classic ASP development
7) Good knowledge of MS Sql server, HTML,DHTML,XML, JavaScript
8) Experience developing web applications
9) Experience fixing the bugs, maintenance patches, and feature
10) Good writ! ten and spoken communication skills, good team player,
strong self starter/self driving/self motivating person

Nice to have skills:
1) Experience using one or more AJAX toolkits
2) Experience of working on a customer site is a big plus
3) Experience in US is an added advantage

Experience : 5-7 years


Job location: Pune

Kindly mail your resumes immediately to

Thanks and Regards
Raghavendra B S
Enterprise Matrix
Ph : 080 - 267293 26/27/28/29/30
2/14/2008 7:15:31 AM
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