Deserializing an XML (soap) file on a pocket pc into a hashtable

I am porting some code from a PC to a PocketPC. I want to read data
from an XML-file into a hashtable. But since the soapformatter does not
exist in the compact framework I have to find a workaround. I have
tried to use xmlserializer, but it always wants me to supply it with a
type. If I use the type of hashtable I get an exception. Any help or
hints would be highly appreciated.

Below is the code as it more or less looks in my program :

public struct CMDCLASSES
    public Hashtable CmdClasses;

public CMDCLASSES ReadXml(string filename)
    Stream streamReader = null;

    SoapFormatter serializer = new SoapFormatter();
    streamReader = File.OpenRead(filename);
    if (streamReader != null)
        temp = (CMDCLASSES)serializer.Deserialize(streamReader);
    return temp;

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