Dataset.WriteXml does NOT produce well formed XML

For example:


Dim filename As String
filename = Server.MapPath("./") & "xml/dataSet.xml"
Dim myFileStream As New System.IO.FileStream(filename, 

Dim myXmlWriter As New System.Xml.XmlTextWriter
(myFileStream, System.Text.Encoding.Unicode)



Thus, if there is data in the dataset with a string such 

"Where are my < & > ESCAPE sequences?"

The resulting XML will look like:

<foo>Where are my < & > ESCAPE sequences?</foo>

How can I get my escape sequences?

mmarano (1)
11/3/2003 8:55:54 PM
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It works properly for me...  How are you opening the .xml 
file?  Open it in notepad and see if the illegal 
characters have been replaced.  Opening it up in IE will 
translate the characters automatically.

>-----Original Message-----
>For example:
>Dim filename As String
>filename = Server.MapPath("./") & "xml/dataSet.xml"
>Dim myFileStream As New System.IO.FileStream(filename, 
>Dim myXmlWriter As New System.Xml.XmlTextWriter
>(myFileStream, System.Text.Encoding.Unicode)
>Thus, if there is data in the dataset with a string such 
>"Where are my < & > ESCAPE sequences?"
>The resulting XML will look like:
><foo>Where are my < & > ESCAPE sequences?</foo>
>How can I get my escape sequences?
11/3/2003 9:21:51 PM

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