Dataset>XML>SQLText field>XML>Dataset

I must be doing something obvious wrong here, but:

I perform a query to retrieve a dataset - I want to archive this in a
SQL field for seperate retrieval later, while the original data may
have moved on - so I write it to a string of XML using ds.GetXML().  I
then write that string to the DB, into 1 'text' type field. (I know the
data will never get over a certain size)

Later I read that field and retrieve the data as a string and attempt
to simply perfrom a ds.ReadXML(xmlstr).  & this errors.  Upon examining
the resultant XML I find the XML retrieved invariably has <newdataset>
as the root element and for some BIZZARE REASON puts another
</newdataset><newdataset> halfway through the XML - making the root
element corrupt (there's more than 1).

I am contemplating pulling it out with replace, but I feel there's
something shallow yet meaningful I'm missing here...  GetXML has no
overloads so is there something I need to do with the orignal DS to
stop this from happening?

I know it's not SQL manipulation, since it just thinks its a hefty text
object, and since I can't get the ReadXML to even work, I assume it
must be the GetXML or orgin dataset..

Help!  Has anyone seen this before?


7/12/2005 3:52:06 AM
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