Creating XML element from XPath


Is it possible to automatically create an XML element given an XPath query? 
For example I have the following XML doc:

    <title>Hi this is the title</title>
    <description>This is a simple desc</description>

Now say I have an XPath query '/topic/age' which will return a null node if 
I run it against the above XML doc. Now is there an easy way to automatically 
create the age node if it doesn't exist? Or do I need to do manual parsing 
and create the node manually?

For the above example probably you'll think that it should be easy to just 
create the age node, but consider the other XPath such as 
'/topic/description/comment' if the description node does not exist I want to 
automatically create it. 

So is this possible to do it with minimal work? I don't want to recreate the 
wheel if .Net already has a simpler way of doing it - just couldn't find it 
at the moment :)


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