[Announce] DataDirect XQuery 3.1 Supports Querying of OpenDocument Format

[Announce] DataDirect XQuery 3.1 Supports MySQL; adds Extended File-
Type Support & Output Enhancements.

[Announce] Dear microsoft.public.dotnet.xml,

DataDirect Technologies has released an updated version of DataDirect
XQuery, an easily embeddable, Java-based implementation of the XQuery
1.0 and the XQuery API for Java standards. Here are some of the
highlights of the new release:

* Extended file type support and output enhancements, DataDirect
XQuery version 3.1 further simplifies the performance of combining and
processing heterogeneous data sources. The product now supports the
ability to query new office document standards like OpenDocument
Format, Open Office XML and XML-based versions of PDF.

* Expanded database support for both the Enterprise and Community
edition of MySQL server ( http://www.xquery.com/mysql/ ) and full
update support for relational data including Oracle 11g, Informix and

* Support for DataDirect XML Converters ( http://www.xmlconverters.com
) providing seamless integration for all data formats supported by the
DataDirect XML Converters including EDIFACT, X12, HL7, and many other

DataDirect XQuery 3.1 is available for free trial download at:

For more information about the new release, visit:

The DataDirect XQuery Team
1/14/2008 3:30:04 PM
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