webservice reference embedded

Hi to all,
is there a way to declare a webservice address inside the code?
If I add a webservice, the address is visible in the app.config but I wanna 
avoid it.
Any suggestion? thanks

6/28/2010 9:15:50 AM
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Not sure if I am addressing your problem or not...

A few years ago (and probably a few versions of VS ago) I wote a dll which 
talked to a web service.
The URL of the web service on my machine was different from that of the end 

After doing a
                    Dim lws As New localhost.TheWebService

I could do a
                    lws.URL = 'whatever'

Is that relevant to your question?
If not, I appologize for wasting your time !



"redbull" <redbull@libero.it> wrote in message 
> Hi to all,
> is there a way to declare a webservice address inside the code?
> If I add a webservice, the address is visible in the app.config but I 
> wanna avoid it.
> Any suggestion? thanks

6/29/2010 9:37:04 PM

"Barry Flynn" <Anonymouse> ha scritto nel messaggio >                    Dim 
lws As New localhost.TheWebService
> I could do a
>                    lws.URL = 'whatever'
> Is that relevant to your question?

Thanks, following your suggestion I solved with:

webservice.Endpoint.Address = New 


6/30/2010 8:35:34 AM

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