MenuStrip Merge

I am seeking the manner in which you merge menus between MDI forms and Child 

Given the Main Menu (MDI Form)

--New Project
--Open Project
--Create Item

And given the Child Menu
--Save Item
--Close Item

I want the child menu to merge into the main menu.

Here's what I've don so far

Main Menu:

File (MergeAction = Append, MergeIndex = 100)
--New Project (MergeAction = Insert, MergeIndex = 102)
--Open Project (MergeAction = Insert, MergeIndex = 103)
--_ (MergeAction = Insert, MergeIndex = 110)
--Create Item (MergeAction = Insert, MergeIndex = 111)
--_ (MergeAction = Insert, MergeIndex = 130)
--Exit (MergeAction = Insert, MergeIndex = 131)

Child Menu:

File (MergeAction = MatchOnly, MergeIndex = -1)
--Save Item (MergeAction = Insert, MergeIndex = 112)
--Close Item (MergeAction = Insert, MergeIndex = 113)

My results are:

menuStrip1.Visible =false;

--New Project
--Open Project
--Save Item
--Create Item
--Close Item

I've tried appending as well, I don't think I understand how to merge 
menustrips very effectively.  A search on google showed me enough to get 
what I have in place, though the walkthroughs all seemed to be missing some 
information. Would someone care to shed some light on this for me?

I am coding in C# 2008 using a Windows Form project.

Thanks in advance 

6/27/2010 8:47:36 PM
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