DataSet Tables to SQL Server Database

Hi all

For example: I have a DataSet with two tables
and one relation between each other.

Is there a direct way to publish this tables
to the SQL Server even when the tables
dont exists ?
I know, using SqlDataAdapter, it is possible
to update/insert/delete data. But for
this, the table has to exists ... 

Thanks for any help !

Best regards
Frank Uray
1/27/2010 12:40:01 PM
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"Frank Uray" <> wrote in message
> For example: I have a DataSet with two tables
> and one relation between each other.
> Is there a direct way to publish this tables
> to the SQL Server even when the tables
> dont exists ?

     No, there is no "direct" way in ADO.NET to create the tables on the 
server. You would have to build a "CREATE TABLE ..." statement, and then 
submit it to the server by means of a SqlCommand and  ExecuteNonQuery().

> I know, using SqlDataAdapter, it is possible
> to update/insert/delete data. But for
> this, the table has to exists ...

    Once the table exists (because you sent the CREATE TABLE), the best way 
to populate it from a DataTable is to use a SqlBulkCopy object. This is 
faster than a SqlDataAdapter, and also easier to configure if you are 
building your dataadapter from scratch.

1/28/2010 7:28:31 AM

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