Different use

Good Day to all

I just want to understand the use of each code and if possible an example
code thanks.

Free File()
Line Input()

Thanks much.. :)

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3/29/2010 2:58:20 AM
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"shadow-monster via DotNetMonster.com" <u58543@uwe> wrote in message 

> I just want to understand the use of each code and if possible an example
> code thanks.

That's precisely what MSDN is for...

> Free File()

> Comparemethod

> Line Input()

> Instr()

> Getlastwritetime()

So, next time you need information on any of the .NET Framework classes such 
as their methods and properties, together with code examples, all you have 
to do is:

1) Launch your web browser (e.g. IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome etc)

2) Navigate to http://msdn.microsoft.com

3) Enter the class, function, method or property you're interested in

4) Hit the button

This will give you the information you require in a matter of seconds 
instead of having to wait several hours for someone to do the search for 

Mark Rae

3/29/2010 5:23:30 AM

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