Conditional Formatting

Hi Experts, I want to build a web page to display different coloured labels 
depending on what data a record contains. Similar to a workflow diagram.

Thus if I have the flowing data

Name           Letter	     Meeting	Completed 
Joe Blogs	   01/03/2009		04/04/2009
Penny Smith 15/02/2009
David Smith  20/10/2009 03/01/2010	15/03/2010

3 labels would show on the web page (Letter, Meeting and Completed)

If data exists in the field then the label will be green otherwise the label 
will be red. 

For Joe Blogs, the Letter and Meeting labels will be green but the Completed 
label will be Red

For Penny Smith, the Letter label will be green with the Meeting and 
Completed labels will be Red

So for David Smith, all labels will be green.

Only one record is to be shown at a time ie I don’t want to use a datagrid 
to show all records.

I’ve accomplished this in a little Access database using Conditional 
Formatting but I don’t know if this is possible using ASP.Net.

Many thanks for your advice.

3/15/2010 10:50:01 AM
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"jez123456" <> wrote in message

> Only one record is to be shown at a time ie I don’t want to use a datagrid
> to show all records.
> I’ve accomplished this in a little Access database using Conditional
> Formatting but I don’t know if this is possible using ASP.Net.

No problem at all. On the assumption that you will be using <asp:Label /> 
controls to present the data:

MyLabel.BackColor = (MyLabel.Text == "&nbsp;" || MyLabel.Text == "") ? 
Color.Red : Color.Green;

Don't forget to include the System.Drawing namespace at the top of the code 
behind page.

Mark Rae

3/15/2010 11:22:40 AM

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