Wi-Fi Driver development for WINCE OS

Hi all,

I need to develop Wi-Fi driver for an ARM processor running in WINCE 6.0 R3 

Please guide me suitable links\tutorials\examples which will get me started 
on this very quickly.

Also I would like to know what hardware related data I need to write a Wi-Fi 

I have done application programming on WINCE and this a totally new to me.
Request your suggestions\comments on this


6/23/2010 9:26:30 AM
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"RAGHU" <RAGHU@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Hi all,
> I need to develop Wi-Fi driver for an ARM processor running in WINCE 6.0 
> R3
> OS.
> Please guide me suitable links\tutorials\examples which will get me 
> started
> on this very quickly.
> Also I would like to know what hardware related data I need to write a 
> Wi-Fi
> driver.
> I have done application programming on WINCE and this a totally new to me.
> Request your suggestions\comments on this

Cannot you get a driver prototype from the wi-fi chip vendor?

This NG unfortunately does not deal with WinCE drivers.
Try microsoft.public.windowsce.platbuilder - it seems the only WinCE NG left 

Good luck.
- pa 

6/23/2010 10:30:28 PM

We have done device driver development for wi-fi on ARM processor for SBC( single board computer). You can write to us da at radixweb dot com  for more info http://rndinfo.com/embedded-device-on-arm-processor.html 
6/25/2010 5:52:35 AM

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