usb storage - how to eject/remove from explorer


i have created an UpperFilter driver for the DiskDrive class. the purpose is 
to enable/disable usb sticks. i have created a control device object and 
created a couple of IOCTRLs, so that my user app can do the 
enabling/disabling.  to disable, in AddDevice, i do IoGetDeviceProperty on 
the DeviceObject's DevicePropertyHardwareID. if it begins with USBSTOR then i 
set a 'isUsb' flag on the DeviceExtension. then, in the IRP_MJ_CREATE 
handler, i get this flag back, and if set, i just do IoCompleteRequest and 
return success. this works just fine - when i insert a usb stick, nothing 
happens, ie it does not even appear in explorer (and DbgView shows the filter 
driver doing the above).

however, this does not affect already inserted usb sticks. they still stay 
in explorer. i have sort of got round this by again checking for the isUsb 
flag in the IRP_MJ_READ/WRITE handlers, and again just doing IoComplete. this 
does prevent read/write access to the stick, but you are still able to see it 
in explorer.

so what i really need is, when my filter driver receives the 'disable' 
IOCTRL, to sort of send an 'eject' or 'remove' message to already inserted 
sticks. now i *think* the answer is for my filter driver to create an 
IRP_MJ_REMOVE and send this down the stack to all the inserted devices...but 
then i will have to know the DeviceObjects for all inserted sticks. i guess i 
could do this by having a global array of the DeviceObjects that i get in 
AddDevice ? 

i guess im looking for someone to tell me if this logic sounds right or 
whether theres a better way.

thank you.
5/28/2010 1:21:01 PM
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