Building an Embedded Device/System? Tell VDC about your experience for a chance to WIN!

VDC is conducting its annual survey of mobile and embedded engineers
so if you are involved in the engineering of mobile or embedded
systems/software, this is your chance to influence key solution

The research covers embedded software, hardware, tools, and
development practices. Your thoughts will improve our insights into
the engineering community and help to influence next generation

In addition, VDC will provide all respondents who complete the

* Instant access to a summary of VDC's 2009 survey findings;
* Entry into a prize drawing for one of five $100 gift
certificates (drawing to be held August 15th, 2010); and
* A summary of the 2010 survey findings once the survey is complete
later this year

To begin the survey, go to:

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best Regards,

The VDC Embedded Software and Tools Research Team

5/17/2010 7:45:25 PM
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Hello, I need to develop a tool which allows for communication with a real-time bus system over RS-232. The system sends data telegrams in 1 milisecond intervals which need to be acknowledged by an ACK-telegram before the next data telegram can be sent. The serial interface adapter does not support PnP specification. Currently, as I am new to Windows driver development, I am looking for a starting point to dig into: either to implement a filter driver on top of serial.sys or to implement a function driver which will be enumerated by serenum.sys? The goal is to provide a...

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I made some extensive changes to a driver build in an attempt to make it much simpler. We used to have a different driver name for each platform along with a unique INF for that version. There is also a single CAT file for all platforms. I merged everything into a single INF and assigned a unique subdirectory for each platform (i386,ia64 and amd64). There were no problems reported when I validated the INF and the code build is successful in all instances. I included driver signing as part of the original build process and wonder if that is feasible now that I actually need to...

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Just yesterday my system began slowing down on me! (I run XP professional on a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop). When I click on the FILE>SAVE AS menu and then attempt to double click or use the drop-down arrow in the SAVE IN line, I get a "(Not Responding)" added to the SAVE AS window headline. But if I am patient - say 30 seconds to one minute, the "(Not Responding)" words go away and the drop down menu finally appears and allows me to specify where I want to save the file. But it may take just as long again to actually open that file to save my work to. Similar ...

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Why doesn’t the function ::Beep(1000, 10000) produce any sound under Windows XP? Do I need another operating system, or am I wasting my time? I will welcome any constructive comments from Microsoft, especially since I’m using a multi-media machine, CD Works OK and by the way the last time I used the internet to listen to the radio half or my “My Music” files disappeared in a flash, so I put them somewhere else where the operating system couldn’t find them. -- Engineering Try using MessageBeep(). Tom "C Hill MBSC" <> wrote in message...

Multiple systems accessing a stored procedure.
So I was just put on a project where there will be multiple people accessing data on the server. They are different projects with different people on it. The issue that comes up is what happens if somebody needs to change the way a stored procedure/view works and make sure it doesn't screw up other people. How do people in the 'real' world make it so that if one person changes a sp it doesn't hurt somebody else. TIA - Jeff. That is what source control and QA are there for. However, given that there are different projects, one would hope that they would...

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hi, I got a weird problem with my program. My program is running in Full Screen Mode. Once I press the Ctrl+Atl+Pause, (not the DEL), it brings my main window to background somewhere. Is this a hot key or must be my code accidently does that? If it is a hot key, do you guys know how to disable it? Thanks "=?Utf-8?B?Tmlja3k=?=" <> wrote in > hi, > > I got a weird problem with my program. My program is running in Full > Screen Mode. Once I press the Ctrl+Atl+Pause, (not ...

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Experiences with Coghead to implement one elementary CRM ( 5 users, 5.000 registers ) or so ?
What are your experiences with this source? Pros vs. Cons. based on your experience, specifically deficiencies if any. ( speed ?, easy to make backups of databases ?, too many incidences ? ). Initially I see as positive from this solution the flexibility to adapt progressively to the way that client works. Thank you ...

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I have an table in access with embedded excel files I want to extract them to a folder with automation - the only way I know is to create af Form, and then automatically open and close the form. In the on-open event I run the following code: Dim oXL As Object 'Dim strFileSpec As String 'Activate the embedded document in an instance of Excel 'MyOle is a bound object on the form Me!MyOle.Action = acOLEActivate 'get hold of the instance - assumes that there is only the one 'Instance of Excel running Set oXL = GetObject(, "Excel.Application") 'Save the docu...

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Gang I am using the same Publisher 2000 that I used successfully with ME for years. Now that I installed XP Pro, when I launch Publisher 200 it opens okay, but when I close the Wizard I receive the following message (Unsaved Publication) Microsoft Publisher: MSPUB.EXE - Application Erro The instruction at ")x77f5310f" referenced memory at ")x00000000". The memory could not be "written" Click on OK to terminate the program When I click OK, Publisher 2000 closes I tried uninstall/reinstall, updating my video card and going to the latest drivers, changed my mothe...

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BEAR TRANSMISSIONS Automotive Franchise Opportunity Join A Winning Team Bear Transmission Center, a Leading Transmission & Complete Car Care Franchise Company is expanding in the following areas: Throughout the state of Florida 273 cities. No Automotive or Mechanical Experience is Required. . Why Bear Transmission? Over 15 years solid automotive transmission business and trade experience. The best and most lucrative of transmission repair specialists in the world. Most of our franchisees do not have automotive experience We offer a Proven System with the Best Training & Support in ...