Problems connecting with clients

I've had to do a manual install on clients and I still can't get the server 
(DPM2010)to communicate with clients, and I think the problem is on the 
server (Windows 2008R2x64). The client error log for DPMRA says "host is 
unreachable" but the server firewall config shows all the DPM apps allowed 
through for the domain. Any pointers?
12/21/2009 9:33:01 PM
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        Here are some guidelines on how to debug it, I am assuming that DPM 
and PSes are in a single domain(or having trust to each other's domain) and 
you have successfully attached the agent on DPM.

1. One quick way to isolate the issue from others with firewall, is disable 
the firewall on the DPM and see if it works.
2. If the above one is working: please make sure that you have DPMRA.exe and 
TCPIP port 135 exceptions in firewall.
3. If you can’t disable the firewall please add firewall exceptions for 
DPMRA.exe and TCPIP port 135 and try it out.
4. Have you done any firewall reset on your DPM machine? This will remove 
the firewall exceptions required for DPM/PS to communicate to each other. In 
this case you need to enable the exceptions again for DPMRA.exe and TCPIP 
port 135.
5. Please check if you can ping/access the DPM machine from production 
servers using Fully qualified name of the DPM server.
6. Please check the eventvwr logs in DPM and PS for any DCOM errors.

I hope this helps you as a starting point to debug.

Praveen D [MSFT]
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"Owen Watson" <> wrote in message
> I've had to do a manual install on clients and I still can't get the 
> server
> (DPM2010)to communicate with clients, and I think the problem is on the
> server (Windows 2008R2x64). The client error log for DPMRA says "host is
> unreachable" but the server firewall config shows all the DPM apps allowed
> through for the domain. Any pointers? 

12/22/2009 8:00:06 AM

Sorry about the delay in answering: the newsgroup message notification 
didn't work for me.

In the end I discovered that it was a DNS issue. I'd had problems doing the 
initial W2008R2 setup with a static IP, so did it with dynamic and changed it 
after setup to static. Unfortunately the DNS cache on the DNS Server kept the 
old value, so it affected more that DPM. Deleting it from the cache and 
restarting the DPM server did the trick. Aaagh!

Many thanks.
1/5/2010 2:00:01 AM

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