DPM SRT and DPM2010


Is DPMSRT integrated within DPM2010, because the DPM2010 download on 
"Microsoft Pratner download" still contains a copy of DPM2007 DPMSRT.
With DPM2007, we installed DPMSRT on a different system from the DPM2007 
server and we had to reserve extra diskspace on the remote system for 
SRT backup info. Is this still the case with DPM2010, or is the 
diskspace used for normal backup operations from DPM2010 also used for 
DMPSRT purposes.

Thanks for your reply,
5/20/2010 7:16:30 AM
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Op 20-5-2010 9:16, wasdanou schreef:
> Question,
> Is DPMSRT integrated within DPM2010, because the DPM2010 download on
> "Microsoft Pratner download" still contains a copy of DPM2007 DPMSRT.
> With DPM2007, we installed DPMSRT on a different system from the DPM2007
> server and we had to reserve extra diskspace on the remote system for
> SRT backup info. Is this still the case with DPM2010, or is the
> diskspace used for normal backup operations from DPM2010 also used for
> DMPSRT purposes.
> Thanks for your reply,

5/21/2010 5:01:19 PM

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BUG REPRO: When installing Agents using the Wizard, if any of the selected target systems are offline the Wizard Freezes, then reports it cannot access the systems and provide a listing of the systems it cannot Access. Once the error is recognized (click on 'OK') the wizard Halts and does not go forward. Issues: 1. Selected Systems must all be online or Wizard fails to install online systems. Instead the Admin must document the systems it reported were offline, and then go back in the wizard and deselect the systems that are offline. Expected Result: Expect t...

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Hi, We have two DPM 2007 Servers operating within our company. We had an issue with one of our file servers and therefore had to reinstall the DPM agent via the DPM Agent tab. This server is backed up on the primary DPM server and then again on the secondary for redundancy. The primary server can see the DPM agent no problem and is backing up as expected. The secondary server is backing up the data as usual, however it is continuious alerting the fact that the agent isn't reachable. How can I resolve this problem? Thanks in advance. Hi David thanks for reaching the n...

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Is is possible to just have one (primary) DPM server offsite (as opposed to having a primary DPM server onsite and a secondary one offsite)? If so, what ports would have to be forwarded on the routers at each end? An application for this configuration would be a small business where "offsite" would be an owner's home. Hi, you can look at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb808766.aspx for the list -- Thanks, C.Prashanth [MSFT] This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights "Sejong" <Sejong@discussions.mi...

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Hi, We are protecting a number of HyperV (2008 R2 Enterprise) hosts using DPM 2010 RC, we have two clusters of 4 nodes with each node running 4 virtual machines. Our storage is on a Netapp 3140 connected via Emulex HBAs, and all the servers run the Netapp DSM 3.3.1, NetApp host utils 5.2 and Snapdrive 6.2. Everything seems fine under normal conditions and when we create recovery points manually but when our sheduled DPM backups run at 8PM we find that the server appears to reboot and all of the guests on the node affected move to another node, however the reboot doesn't ap...

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