DPM 2010 RC - DPMRA Fails to start when called

On two test systems the DPRM Service (set to Manual by Default Install) fails 
to start when called. 

Set to auto start and start the service or Manually start the service.

Would expect that calls from the DPM server would succeed in starting the 

Any idea what could block a DPM server from starting the Service from the 
DPM server? No firewall or antivirus in the test.
3/29/2010 7:48:03 PM
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        Please check the DCOM launch/Activation permissions on the protected 
server?  You can find it by launching dcomcnfg from an elevated command 
prompt-> Click Component Services -> Click Computers -> Click My Computer -> 
Click DCOM config -> Right click on DPM RA Service and select Properties -> 
Click on Security Tab -> Click on Edit button under Launch and activation 
permissions. Under this list DPM-machine-name$ should have all permissions, 
otherwise please add it. This should fix the problem.

Praveen D [MSFT]
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"David Baur" <DavidBaur@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> On two test systems the DPRM Service (set to Manual by Default Install) 
> fails
> to start when called.
> Resolution:
> Set to auto start and start the service or Manually start the service.
> Expected:
> Would expect that calls from the DPM server would succeed in starting the
> service.
> Any idea what could block a DPM server from starting the Service from the
> DPM server? No firewall or antivirus in the test.
> -- 
> David 

3/30/2010 8:51:52 AM

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