Visual studio with CRM server

When i install VS.Net on CRM Server   it install another framework version and CRM dosent work after that .  I need to use VB.NET with CRM and idea how i can accomplish this  on the same server or can i do it from another machine ?

6/17/2004 11:11:01 AM
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VS.NET work well opn the CRM Server.

If you have CRM 1.2 you need to install VS.NET 2003 (.NET Framework 1.1). 
If you have CRM 1.0 you need to install VS (.NET Framework 1.0)

"Silverwing" wrote:

> When i install VS.Net on CRM Server   it install another framework version and CRM dosent work after that .  I need to use VB.NET with CRM and idea how i can accomplish this  on the same server or can i do it from another machine ?
6/17/2004 11:21:02 AM
can i have a refrance  to the MSCRM.proxy from another machine on the network?

6/17/2004 1:00:01 PM
uhmm......why are you installing it on the server?!

Just install it on the workstation that you (or whomever) will be developing
on. From here you create a new C# web application, will ask for the
server,.....enter the CRM server. Now, if you want to use the proxy, right
click the References folder, choose add reference, and locate your proxy.dll
file via the network.


"Silverwing" <> wrote in message
> can i have a refrance  to the MSCRM.proxy from another machine on the

6/17/2004 6:06:51 PM

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