User accounts changing themselves to another users details..?


We're getting an intermittent problem with our CRM 1.2 installation.

Randomly, users names and email addresses are changing to that of another 
user but their logon name is staying the same. This is meaning that when 
they logon to CRM, their name is showing wrongly and any records assigned to 
them are showing the wrong name.

The name they change to is always the same and the user records changing 


Say we have 10 users, one of whom is "Joe Bloggs".

Today, 3 other users records names had changed so that their first name 
showed "Joe" and their surnames said "Bloggs" and their email addresses also 
updated to show - their logon field however stayed as their 
original logon details. This means we have 4 Joe Blogs users instead of one.

We've been able to work out who the affected users are based on the logon 
names and change their details back but the problem is happening randomly, 
sometimes affecting one user, sometimes several but always changing them to 
Joe Bloggs.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem or if there is a fix for this 
as it's becoming quite a nuisance for the affected users, one in particual 
has been affected everytime this has happened though we're not sure if it's 
just coincidence as the other users affected seem more random.

Thanks for any help, Steve 

10/27/2005 7:48:53 AM
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Do you have any background processing that's mucking directly with the 
database? There are few random things in the world. Usually they're the 
result of some non-random process with side-effects.

MJ Miller
Microsoft CRM Technical Lead

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10/27/2005 4:26:45 PM

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