Unable to add custom field to a view/preview

I added a new attribute to the Quote and I am able to add 
this attribute to the form but the new attribute does not 
appear in the list of fields when I create a new view. 
Further, the new field does not appear in the list of 
fields if I try to add it to the quote preview. I am able 
to store and retrieve the value of the new field using 
the API. Thanks for any info.
6/24/2004 1:29:04 AM
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I figured it out.

6/24/2004 9:04:18 PM
JohnE wrote:
> I figured it out.

Hi John!
How do you solve the problem?
Publish and IIS reset don't help. I don't see custom fields in
"Customize views", but i can see custom fields in "customize form".

Thanx for advance

2/9/2005 12:48:17 PM
I figured it out also :)
1. Add custom fields in "customize form".
2. Now you can see and add its in "Customize views"
3. Delete custom fields in "customize form". If you don't need its here
indeed :)

2/9/2005 1:26:32 PM

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