Unable to Add account to PrivUserGroup

On installation of MS CRM 1.2 on an Server 2003 machine, I am getting
the error message:

Setup was unable to install CRM Server
Setup was unable to add the account to PrivUserGroup in Active
Unknown Error (80005000)

This happens pretty far into the installation process.

Any clues on what is causing this?



4/30/2005 1:40:26 AM
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Hi Paul!

<bushie_40@hotmail.com> schrieb
> Setup was unable to install CRM Server
> Setup was unable to add the account to PrivUserGroup in Active
> Directory.
> Unknown Error (80005000)

Not sure, perhaps:

Microsoft Business Solutions CRM installation fails with the error "Failed 
to Install Microsoft CRM Server"

or something similar.


Arne Janning 

4/30/2005 11:08:25 PM

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