SQL Server limit question

Hello there!

It seems that we are about to exceed the 8000 bytes SQL Server limit. I
found in this newsgroup some aswers about it, though not quite easy
ones....My question is "this limit is per table, eg we cannot add a schema
in AcountsBase, or it is in total, we cannot add a schema nowhere???"

Thanks a lot,


7/29/2004 12:56:22 PM
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The limit is 8000 bytes (roughly) for each entity in the CRM.  So that means
you get 8K for Accounts, 8K for Contacts, 8K for Leads, etc.


"SiEBEN Innovative Solutions" <newsgroup@sieben.gr> wrote in message
> Hello there!
> It seems that we are about to exceed the 8000 bytes SQL Server limit. I
> found in this newsgroup some aswers about it, though not quite easy
> ones....My question is "this limit is per table, eg we cannot add a schema
> in AcountsBase, or it is in total, we cannot add a schema nowhere???"
> Thanks a lot,
> Elena

7/29/2004 1:10:43 PM

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