SFO Connection Refused

Howdy group,

I'm having a problem displaying SFO after new install 
(company-wide)...  For some reason, SFO is returning the 
following error when attempting to access any folder:

"10061 - Connection refused Internet Security and 
Acceleration Server"

I can access when I change internet options to not use a 
proxy server.  But then no extranet!  I've tried inputting 
the server name\url to proxy exceptions, but it will still 
not display.  

Any thoughts on where I ought to look next?

6/14/2004 3:43:36 PM
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If your SFO client is online then in fact you are accessing CRM as if you
were just accessing the normal web server. I would speak to your admin as it
appears ISA server is blocking required ports or is misconfigured

"kat" <anonymous@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> Howdy group,
> I'm having a problem displaying SFO after new install
> (company-wide)...  For some reason, SFO is returning the
> following error when attempting to access any folder:
> "10061 - Connection refused Internet Security and
> Acceleration Server"
> I can access when I change internet options to not use a
> proxy server.  But then no extranet!  I've tried inputting
> the server name\url to proxy exceptions, but it will still
> not display.
> Any thoughts on where I ought to look next?

6/15/2004 3:56:05 AM

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