Setting Lookup Values on Activities

I would like to know if its possible to do the following two things:

1. Set the default value for Lookups (regarding field) in Activities
(Tasks, Phone Call, etc.) I found an old post by Ronald Lemmen that is
likely for 3.0 and does not work for 4.0 @

2. Is it possible to restrict the items in the regarding field to
specific ones?


bradlaw (133)
9/9/2009 5:54:42 PM
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You can use this script in the form's onload() to default the lookup to 

if (crmForm.all.regardingobjectid != null) {
    crmForm.all.regardingobjectid.setAttribute("defaulttype", "2");

Sorry, not sure about your second question.

Dave Ireland

"Sixty4" <> wrote in message
>I would like to know if its possible to do the following two things:
> 1. Set the default value for Lookups (regarding field) in Activities
> (Tasks, Phone Call, etc.) I found an old post by Ronald Lemmen that is
> likely for 3.0 and does not work for 4.0 @
> 2. Is it possible to restrict the items in the regarding field to
> specific ones?
> Thanks

direland (470)
9/10/2009 12:32:28 PM
bradlaw (133)
9/10/2009 6:28:50 PM

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