SDK question - creating campaign responses

I've done a bunch of work with the SDK but can't seem to get add a
campaign response, I've verified that my credentials are fine as I can
perform a lot of other functions but can't nail this one down. Is there
anyway to get a more meaningful error message than "Server can't
process request"?

Here's my code:
Dim service As New CrmService
            Dim myCreds As System.Net.NetworkCredential = New
            myCreds = GetMyCredentials()
            service.Credentials = myCreds

            ' Get Current User Id
            Dim userRequest As New WhoAmIRequest
            Dim user As WhoAmIResponse =
CType(service.Execute(userRequest), WhoAmIResponse)

            Dim cr As campaignresponse = New campaignresponse
            cr.responsecode = New Picklist
            cr.responsecode.Value = 1
            cr.subject = "Auto-dialer response"

            Dim pCustomer As activityparty = New activityparty
            pCustomer.partyid = New Lookup
            pCustomer.partyid.type =
            pCustomer.partyid.Value = New Guid(sToGuid)

            cr.customer = New activityparty() {pCustomer}

            'set parent campaign
            cr.regardingobjectid = New Lookup
            cr.regardingobjectid.Value = New Guid(sCampaignGuid)

            'create campaign response
            'retVal = myService.Create(cr)

            'Create the activity
            ' Create the Target Object for the Request
            Dim target As New TargetCreateCampaignResponse

            ' Set Target Object's Properties
            target.CampaignResponse = cr

            Dim create As New CreateRequest
            create.Target = target

            ' Execute the Request
            Dim created As CreateResponse =
CType(service.Execute(create), CreateResponse)


thanks a bunch,

4/12/2006 9:12:18 PM
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