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I have created a new form in the opportunity detail form with a link in the 
Detail Form Navigation Panel. This new form permit to insert or update some 
new opportunity customized fields. I would save this data from form to CRM 
reusing the "save" button of the opportunity detail form without insert a new 
button in my new form. 
How can I do that? 
11/8/2004 3:33:39 PM
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In your new form, make a JS call:


To make sure that you only call this when you want to (for example if the 
user just closes the view or clicks cancel, you may not want the main form 
refreshing), call it from something like an OK button.  Here is some C# code 
to implement this:

   string ClientSaveScript = "<script language='javascript'>" +
    "function window.onunload() {window.opener.crmForm.SubmitCrmForm( 1, 
true, true, false );}" +

   Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("ClientSaveScript", ClientSaveScript);


"Mauros" <> wrote in message
>I have created a new form in the opportunity detail form with a link in the
> Detail Form Navigation Panel. This new form permit to insert or update 
> some
> new opportunity customized fields. I would save this data from form to CRM
> reusing the "save" button of the opportunity detail form without insert a 
> new
> button in my new form.
> How can I do that?
> Thanks. 

11/8/2004 4:05:55 PM

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