Report Error 11-24-04

When attempting to run CRM Reports for the first time we are receiving the
error "Information is needed before this report can be processed"  I have
found documentation that states that this can happen if your server has an
underscore.  Our server does not it is named ourcompany.server.eeecrm Can
the periods have the same effect as the underscore.  Or does anyone have
another cause?

Thank you

11/24/2004 10:15:33 PM
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Hi There -

Hope you don't mind but I wish to piggy-back on your post.
I get the same error on our custom reports that use OLE DB to connect to 
another SQL server other than the MS CRM SQL server.

Not all of our custom reports do this - just ones with external SQL 

I've checked to see if the db is included in all of those AD areas - it 
is... I would really rather not change CRM security, CR APS, etc to run 
under a network admin account (its running under local now) - this was also 

Any thoughts out there?  The error switches back and forth from "Information 
Needed" to "Failed to load database information. File 7ec3ae6549ddc0.rpt."


1/7/2005 4:23:24 PM

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