Question for multiple email recipients

If there is a mail from external client sending to multiple CRM users, 
whenone of the users track the email to CRM (e.g. regarding to a case or any 
other record), is there any signal to letting other recipients know the mail 
is being tracked? Any suggestion?
2/10/2006 7:49:22 PM
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If one CRM user tracks the email in CRM from Outlook, then after a few 
minutes it should appear as tracked in all other user's Outlook mailboxes as 
well.  There's a process that looks for recently created CRM activities and 
'tags' them to appear tracked in CRM.  The icon for the email in the Outlook 
explorer view should change.

The settings to tune how this works is organization based.  In the web 
client, open System Settings and then go to the 'Outlook Synchronization' 
tab.  The 'set e-mail promotion options for the Microsoft CRM client for 
Outlook' area controls how often this process is done on the clients.



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"Muttley" <> wrote in message
> If there is a mail from external client sending to multiple CRM users,
> whenone of the users track the email to CRM (e.g. regarding to a case or 
> any
> other record), is there any signal to letting other recipients know the 
> mail
> is being tracked? Any suggestion? 

3/31/2006 12:24:58 AM

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